About us

Washare LLC is the proud creator behind the Washare app. Set to make a big impact as ‘the Uber of Washing’, we have created a home-based army of over 18,000 entrepreneurs who are providing an essential local laundry service at a highly competitive price, for almost half the cost of traditional laundries. We consider ourselves as agents of social change at the forefront of the shared economy revolution.

Alongside their additional income, which can reach over $1,000 a month, our service providers are able to work flexibly as they choose, being able to decide the services they offer, their own working hours, workload, breaks and holiday. By contrast, our service users are able to get an affordable laundry service quickly and easily on their doorstep, while supporting local people in their community.

To learn more about our apps, please visit the Washare and Cashare pages respectively.

Our legal advisory team is lead by Gunner Cooke LLP.

1 Cornhill
London, EC3V 3ND

Gunner Cooke are a leading, award winning legal services provider in the UK. With over 200 specialist lawyers it is also one of the fastest growing practices in the UK.

We are advised by the highly experienced company commercial team at Gunner Cooke, together with the assistance of Queens Counsel to ensure that we have the best guidance possible

Our financial team is supported and advised by Buzzacott LLP

130 Wood St
London, EC2V 6DL

With a team of over 400 and with a history of over 100 years, Buzzacott are able to provide sound financial and accountanting advice and support.

Why Customers Love Washare, Cashare and Courier

Washare, Cashare and Courier are revolutionising the way you do laundry.

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